About Us

The Origins of F&C Firearms

F&C Firearms which is owned by father and son team Fred and Corey started in 2016 out of a love for hunting and firearm collecting and that is the view they carry with them today.

Having always loved collecting firearms and hunting, Fred started is 1960 collecting Marlin lever actions and passed that addiction onto Corey. With traveling to gun shows for many years and purchasing for their own collection they saw what was happening to many people like them. They noticed the huge price difference from dealer to dealer and figured if they could get their FFL they could do transfers for friends and family.

In 2016, F&C Firearms was born and started what would become a go to shop for gun and hunting enthusiasts alike. The shop started at the kitchen table doing just special ordering and transfers. After just 6 months Corey with his wanting to grow the hobby into a business went to his father and convinced him to invest into 10 guns so he could attend his first gun show. So in the spring of 2016 Fred and Corey attended their first NY gun show. After selling a couple guns and purchasing more inventory F and C needed a place to permanently store their inventory. So in July of 2017 they opened a small store on the property and started offering hours for customers to come view.

In Recent Years

Fast forward to 2020

in the height of Covid F and C moved locations to a main highway and opened a new shop. F and C now stocks around 400 firearms, accessories, Ammunition, gun care products and a wealth of knowledge to help any level firearm enthusiasts. They are expanding in 2021 to include classes for new hunters/shooters and setting up classes for the more experienced shooter to sharpen their skills for all disciplines of shooting.

F and C would like to thank their customers and patrons, because they are who makes this gun shop happen. They are the reason for Fred and Corey's success and we would like to personally thank you for shopping and choosing F and C Firearms as YOUR go to shop.

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